Thirty WILD Years,” an exciting celebration of women, is the theme of Women in Longview Day 2017, according to Co-chairman Peggy Davis-Bagley and Jennifer Morgan.  Those who introduced the important event Years ago will be honored at the special festivities at the Hilton Garden Inn March 23.

Dr. Suzanne Schmidt, author, counselor, marriage/family therapist, and international public speaker will deliver the keynote address.  Dr. Schmidt was a popular educator and counselor in Longview for many years, and she was also a force in the early days of Women in Longview organization.  “Her presentations are packed with down-to-earth recommendations for achieving physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional wellness,” said Morgan, “and we expect many of her friends to attend our event to welcome her back.  Dr. Schmidt’s books will be available for purchase as well.

Doors will open at 9:30 a.m. to allow guest to browse and network.  “The opportunity to shop is always important to participants, so our organization has arranged for the return of a variety of vendors,” said Davis-Bagley.  “Guest will enjoy a wonderful lunch during which Dr. Schmidt will speak, and we will present scholarships to deserving high school seniors and adult women returning to school.  This will indeed be a time to celebrate women, and we encourage employers to honor their female employees by treating them to this special event.”

Women in Longview president Donna Sharp also noted that shuttle service will be available for guest so that parking will not pose a problem. The overflow of parking will be at Home Depot back parking lot facing Hawkins Parkway.

Tickets for Women in Longview Day are $25.00 and are available online (, at Texas Bank and Trust downtown, Barrons, and from Women In Longview steering committee members.

Additional information about the event and its history, sponsorship and vendor information, and scholarship application are available on the website.