ACEARF raises Awareness
By Keisha Roland

African Children Education and Resource Foundation (ACEARF) held its first Trivia Night and Silent Auction at the First United Methodist Church (FUMC). The purpose of the event was to raise funds to provide clean drinking water, toilet facilities, and playgrounds for African schools. Other goals included, providing educational scholarship to deserving students and a standard library for communities.
Chuck Ibeh, ACEARF CEO started the vision for this charity in 2015. Ibeh who hailed from Ezihe, Isiala-Mbano in Imo State, Nigeria said “I traveled to Nigeria April 2015 and was in my home when some primary school children walked across their school’s soccer field and a busy road to my house looking for water to drink. I provided them with water and proceeded to investigate why they had no drinking water.”
Later, Ibeh met with school authorities and discovered their schools lacked basic facilities for young students including the following:
● No running water for the students to drink or wash their hands.
● No toilet facilities
● No mechanized method of cutting grass on the soccer field. Students cut grass with machetes.
● Most of the school buildings and classroom furniture were in serious disrepair.
● The schools lacked playground facilities.
● Upon graduation from high school, most of the students could not further their education due to lack of funds.
In addition, most of these students go to school all day without food.
This is the reason why Ibeh formed African Children’s Education and Resource Foundation (ACEARF), to begin to deal with these challenges.
ACEARF envision communities in Sub-Saharan Africa where students can attend school, have clean water to drink, sanitary facilities to prevent water borne diseases and enable students to reach their God given potentials.
Ibeh is ecstatic about his project. “It gives me such joy to impact the lives of others,” he said. “We want to teach them how to be self-sufficient. it is important for them to help themselves and in return help others.”
However, this problem is not specific to Ibeh’s community. The story is the same in some of Sub-Saharan African countries. To end this, ACEARF plans to provide the following in Ibeh’s community:
● Clean drinking water for primary and secondary schools
● Sanitary toilet facilities
● Academic scholarship to qualified students based on resource availability
● Build playground in schools
● Upgrade school facilities
● Establish community library in each community to encourage life-long learning in the 21st century while providing safe environments for students.
● Provide appropriate equipment for school ground maintenance. This will enable students to stay engaged in their schoolwork rather than being the groundskeeper.
Due to the generosity of the Longview community ACEARF has been able to:
● Provide two lawn mowers to two different schools
● Dug wells that provide water to schools
● Constructed playgrounds
● Given scholarships to three high school students to attend University
● Remodeled the science laboratory equipment in the high school
According to Ibeh, there is more than monetary donations. “Money is not everything,” he said. “We need volunteers, people to help with packing and mailing packages overseas.” For more information about ACEARF please visit or contact CEO Chuck Ibeh at or 803-378-2766.