U.S. Chamber of Commerce Committee of 100 Board Chair John Ruan III has appointed Longview Chamber President Kelly Hall to the committee.  Chamber 100 is made up of the nation’s leading chamber of commerce chief staff executives, whose primary function is to serve as an advisory body for the U.S. Chamber dealing with matters specifically related to state and local chambers of commerce.
“These experienced leaders provide advice to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce board of directors, enhance chamber lobbying and coalition work, recommend programming and strengthen outreach to the business and chamber community,” said Ruan.  “Having CEOs like Kelly provides us with the expert help and advice needed to assist the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to better understand the needs of chambers of commerce, and can offer recommendations on programs and services to meet those needs.”
Committee members attend two meetings annually, receiving leadership development through high-impact seminars with business experts and leading authors, discussions on pressing policy issues, and CEO-to-CEO breakout sessions.
Hall described being appointed to the Committee of 100 as a great honor and achievement.  Being part of such a dynamic group enables one to benefit the community and fellow board members.  Hall’s being part of this panel will give Longview a stronger voice in identifying and affecting emerging issues that will impact the local chamber’s members at a national level.
Hall also sits on the Transportation Infrastructure and Logistics Committee for the U.S. Chamber.  This committee is made up of executives who represent transportation providers and users, and is the primary policy-originating body for the U.S. Chamber on issues of transportation infrastructure.  This committee’s jurisdiction extends to policy, regulatory and financing issues related to aviation, surface transportation and ports and inland waterways.  It also serves as a crucial forum for networking and education for our members.  In 2010 Hall addressed the committee on the importance of higher rail speeds.