Brand Maverick Entertainment (BME) president and event series creator, Steve Jones (Producer of OWN’s “Black Love,” “Motherly Love”) moderated a conversation with award-winning actress Angela Bassett (“911,” “Black Panther,” “Waiting to Exhale,” “What’s Love Got to Do With It”) who received the “Icon Award” at the 10th  installment of Hollywood Confidential on Monday, October 8, 2018 at the The Saban Theater in Beverly Hills, CA in partnership with Essence Magazine.

The conversation with Bassett overviewed her trailblazing catalogue of work, her personal journey, staying true to oneself while in pursuit of one’s career and the hard work it takes to bring powerful roles to life that last for generations.

Jones shared, “Angela Bassett is one of the greatest actors of all time. Honored to stand beside a living legend who has had such an iconic career. From waiting to exhale, to black panther. She is excellence personified.”

Bassett shared, “I would tell younger Angela, don’t be so afraid to continue staying in the theater. It’s the roots of where you started.” [Bassett is a graduate of the Yale School of Drama]

Hollywood Confidential is a free panel event series designed as an open forum to inspire and motivate aspiring actors, producers, directors and writers while also educating them on the inner workings of the entertainment industry. Past participants include Emmy award-winning actor Sterling K. Brown, Golden Globe-nominated actress Issa Rae, Grammy award-winning recording artist Snoop Dogg and Emmy award-winning actress Regina King. In the photo is l-r: Steve Jones, Yesha Callahan [Essence] Award winning actress Angela Bassett and Regina Robertson [ Essence] Photo by Nicci Camey.