The generosity of AEP Foundation will go a long way to aid in the Longview trade area’s workforce education initiatives.  As part of its new strategic plan, R.E.A.C.H., the Longview Chamber of Commerce has formed and launched the Chamber Foundation, a 501c3 organization, to change and transform the Longview area.  Two victories were celebrated at the Chamber’s board meeting on June 15.  First was the receipt of a $50,000 AEP Foundation grant for the education work and an 18-month benevolent grant/partnership with RezilientKiz.
Lynn Ferry-Nelson, External Affairs Manager at AEP-SWEPCO, who presented the check on the behalf of the AEP Foundation, stated, “One of the focus areas of the AEP Foundation is to improve lives through education from early childhood through college.  This grant will provide the groundwork for better educational opportunities throughout the community – for both students and their parents.  It’s a wonderful opportunity for both AEP and the LCC Education Foundation.”
Over the past few years the Chamber’s team has sought to rethink and retool the organization’s role in order to seek new and innovative ideas that will improve access to basic and advanced educational opportunities with cradle to career collective impact. The vision is to help our citizens reach their potential and become skilled contributors to our highly educated workforce, meeting the needs of technological change.
Businesses have an important role in leading and advocating for Career Readiness:  a business-led approach for implementing cradle to career education systems.  Our leadership is committed to proactive initiatives ensuring our academic standards are raised so students are successful in making progress toward important transitions to either college or immediate careers.
The Chamber wants to prepare for the demands of tomorrow’s skilled and competitive workforce environment.  More information about this initiative and other REACH programs can be found on the Longview chamber’s website at
For more information, contact the Chamber offices at 903.237.4000.

The Longview Chamber of Commerce (LCC) is regarded as the leading business resource in Gregg County. We are a memberdriven organization that regularly assesses the needs of local business owners and executives. Our programs, products and events are created to deliver the strategic business solutions our members need.  Our mission is to engage in and promote projects that have a positive impact on the Longview Trade Area

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