Attorney General Ken Paxton today expressed his disappointment after a U.S. District Court judge in Austin refused his request to consolidate the multiple lawsuits filed against SB 4. He vowed to continue fighting for Senate Bill 4 and today’s ruling has no effect on the merits of the SB 4 cases still pending in San Antonio. SB 4 is scheduled to take effect September 1.

“We were first to file a lawsuit concerning SB 4, filed this case in the only proper court, and moved quickly to consolidate other lawsuits against SB 4 in Austin,” Attorney General Paxton said. “The health, safety, and welfare of Texans is not negotiable. We’re disappointed with the court’s ruling and look forward to pressing our winning arguments in the San Antonio cases and beyond (if necessary) on this undoubtedly constitutional law.”

Senate Bill 4 affirms the right and duty of law enforcement agencies throughout Texas to detain individuals pursuant to the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) federal detainer program. The program enforces immigration law and helps prevent dangerous criminals from being released into Texas communities.