Riding in Paulette’s Spa and Salon Limo topped off the evening. Lovers Sarah Kelton and Zachary Bourgeois got engaged at the party.

By Kelly Bell, East Texas Review

Carmela Davis is president of Longview Too AMBUCS. Davis and her organization planned and executed the annual Valentine’s Day party for mentally challenged East Texans with lots of volunteers.  This event is one AMBUCS has hosted for more than 20 years, and as always featured plenty of chocolate, photo portraits, coronations, limo rides, and provided a setting for some lovely local people to make marriage plans. No place could be better for a proposal than a Valentine’s banquet.

“We are interested in the challenged individuals because AMBUCS is a non-profit charitable organization with a diverse membership dedicated to creating mobility and independence for people with disabilities,” said Davis. “Helping those out on Saturday night allows these individuals to feel just as important and special as the next person.”

During this year’s banquet three couples became engaged just like any other in-love twosomes. These peoples’ feelings of love are the same as anybody’s. This yearly event enables them to enjoy and live life, smile and express their feelings of love and devotion. They have a two-hour window of blessed opportunity to feel and act both special and normal. They bring candy to their girlfriends and boyfriends, hold hands, converse and enjoy both fast and slow dancing. They have their photos taken to chronicle their special evening of affection and fellowships not only with their significant others, but with all those in attendance. Then there is the special departure.

The limousine ride is saving the best for last. Since this evening of wonder has to end, well, taking a ride in such a vehicle at least makes the ending fun, too. Nothing could make these participants
feel more significant and blessed. They may as well  be kings and queens as they finish off their night of fun, laughter,  love, food and music. The limo ride is the crowning treat of this evening of great memories as they depart like Cinderella and her prince.

This banquet is something that teaches us all a lot about happiness as the participants live and savor life to its delightful fullest regardless of how well they dance, dress and wear makeup. There are beaucoup of loving embraces shared throughout the event as love is shared with everyone. They all leave with a delightful party favor like a stuffed animal of other cherished memento of a night that is as special as they are. It is just another reminder of a wonderful evening.

“I print out their pictures and give them those usually a week after the event,” said Davis. “They absolutely treasure those as well.”