Happy Birthday, America. God has truly showered His grace upon you as a nation.

Many people today take delight in attacking America. Many people castigate the U.S. regularly, spewing hate-filled epithets about our nation. The problem is, the leading America-haters are American citizens. We have so much to be thankful for, yet so many of us strive to dwell upon the negative.

They say that America is hated around the world, but they are wrong. In fact, most people of the world still love America and long to live here in freedom. I travel to foreign countries on a regular basis, and nearly everyone I meet in other countries longs to come live in America.

Various leaders and despots hate America, mostly out of envy, but their citizens, for the most part, love the U.S. Tsunami victims in Asia knew that America would be the first to come to their aid, and many told me so. Countries know that America is the nation most likely to free them from a dictatorial, evil regime without installing our own government. When disaster strikes anywhere in the world, the victims can count on America to respond first.

Some say our soldiers are as bad as terrorists who cut off the heads of innocent victims. They somehow equate parading a prisoner on a leash or placing underwear on his head (which is wrong) with beheading him. The renegade U.S. soldiers who perpetrated such acts are serving time in jail. Yet our enemies pick up the chant that our soldiers torture prisoners, but fail to present any proof.

The U.S. severely punishes anyone who mistreats prisoners, our enemies praise their own for the same. America is filled with sinful human beings, but we have a legacy of belief that the one true God, who loved us enough to send His Son to pay for our sins, forgives us. We fail to love each other as we have been commanded, and we resort to all manner of evil as does all of humanity.

But, we believe that God has placed His hand of providence upon this nation in ways never previously known to mankind. Life in America is the desire of most people in the world because of our freedom and prosperity. Most of the major technological advances begin or are greatly advanced in America and by Americans. Most advances in medicine, industry, water and food quality, etc. can be attributed to Americans.

Many people label America as imperialist. America has never sought to build an empire. When we have conquered other nations (such as Germany and Japan), we re-built them and handed them back to the vanquished, taking only enough land to bury our dead. America is the only super power in history to give foreign aid to nations that declare themselves our enemies.

America is powerful because we serve a powerful God who loves us in spite of our rebellion against Him. We have removed Him from public places, yet our congressional halls display His Ten Commandments, and sessions are opened with prayer. God loves us, even in our confusion.

The Bible says, in Psalms 33:12, “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord…”. Surveys show that around 85% of Americans consider themselves to be Christians. Many politicians declare their Christianity. I believe that, in His love for us, God continues to bless our nation.

The U.S.S.R., by contrast, took a national stance that embraced atheism, and declared that God was dead. Today, the U.S.S.R. is broken into many nation-states and is no longer on the map. Perhaps God decided to same declaration about U.S.S.R. It’s dead. Michael Moore and others declare the nationalized health plans of nations like Cuba to be superior to ours. That’s not true, but, if it were, what good is great health care if the people are not free?

America, you are not perfect, but you are blessed, in spite of the lies and attacks. Many of your citizens proudly stand with you and reject the lies and hatred of the ungrateful. God has truly blessed you. I am eternally thankful that He placed us here to share in those blessings. Pity those who reject God’s blessings.

By James J. Jackson