Why wait till January to improve your life? This is a perfect month to learn something new! Take a free computer class from the Library this month and strengthen your skills. We offer classes in the mornings and also in the evenings. Seating is limited so register in advance at the reference desk or give us a call at 903-237-1354. If you have to cancel, please let us know so someone else can have your seat.

September Computer Classes:

4: Microsoft Word, 9:00 AM

Computer & Keyboarding (typing) Basics I, 6:00 PM

10: Computer Basics

11: Word II*, 9:00 AM

Computer & Keyboarding (typing) Basics I, 6:00 PM

16: Microsoft Excel, 9:00 AM

18: Microsoft Word, 6:00 PM

23: Excel II*, 9:00 AM

24: Microsoft Powerpoint, 9:00 AM

25: Word II*, 6:00 PM

*In order to take a part II (2) or III (3) class, please make sure you have already taken part I (1) of the class!