The 34th annual East Texas “Balloon Race Weekend” will take place July 29-31 at (and over) Longview’s East Texas Regional Airport.  Despite its sweltering temperatures July has always been considered the safest month for avoiding weather-related problems during the races.
Worldwide this is the favored time for such events.
Race founder Dr. Bill Bussey explained the logic behind this scheduling.
“The Great Texas Balloon Race has, from the early days, been a world-class event for balloon pilots,” he said.  “So it’s always been important that we position our event in consideration of other big balloon events.”
Started in 1978, the race was first held at Longview Mall before moving to the old Stroh’s Brewery for the 1985 and 1986 races.  Its next (and so far permanent) site is the airport.  It is all made possible by the expert guidance of the race’s board of directors.  Board chair Richard Lazarus gave credit to the event’s local supporters.
“That support insures our success and was one of the major contributing factors to the Balloon Race being named the host venue for the International Balloon Federation’s U.S. Championships for 2012-2014.”
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