The House of Hope is constructed of just that, along with a strong dash of faith.  The front entrance on Highway 80 in Longview opens the door to a facility whose interior is a literal shrine to the Holy Spirit and His work.  Bibles and crucifixes are in abundance.  On Tuesday afternoons the House’s ladies congregate for a weekly Bible study.  They are grateful to be able to give and receive.  Last year the unselfish people of Longview came to the House’s aid when it was refused an occupancy permit because employees would not be in the building while it was being remodeled.
“We live in a gracious community that is very generous,” said Couture.
House of Hope President Helen Johnson points out the staff’s extreme gratitude to local citizens for their crucial support, especially financial contributions used to assist homeless women.
“I remember landlords who came and took our ladies and housed them at no charge when we were re-modeling the facility,” she said.  “How can you thank this generous community?  God will bless them.”
There is so much to be blessed for.
Johnson, Couture and the rest of the administration were astounded to learn anonymous donor(s) paid the House’s mortgage of over $110, 000.
“We have gotten large gifts, but not this amount, and we do not even know the person,” Johnson said.  “We thank the donor from the bottom of our hearts and wish him/her God’s blessings.”
With the traditional millstone-around-the-neck problem of an unpaid mortgage out of the way House administrators can concentrate on expanding into the city on a mission quest to help Longview and its residents physically, educationally and spiritually.  Johnson lists the immediate goals as:

1. A home for girls who are too old for foster care, but do not yet have a place to live.  Johnson cites the example of a young lady who, although a college student, would be homeless if not for House of Hope.

2. A training center for local women to acquire various vocational skills.

3. A two-story building with a dining hall large enough for 150 people.

Despite such fund-raising events as bake sales and golf tournaments there are always pressing shortages needing to be addressed.  Such vital commodities as paper towels and plates, toilet paper and (of course) food are always in short supply.  Donations are not only welcome, but sorely needed.  For offers of assistance or to make contributions please call (903) 295-0904 or (903) 646-1941.

House of Hope residents are thankful for the generosity of an anonymous donor.