communityLongview’s Chamber of Commerce has set up a community engagement website called Developed by MindMixer this resource enables local residents to interact with city leaders in hopes of utilizing the populace as a means of boosting economic development throughout East

Texas. The citizenry can now participate in this crucial issue without even having to leave home.

Longview Texas Listens will collect residents’ feedback on how the region can grow and improve economically. Such a widespread, untapped reservoir of suggestions from this diverse community is a potentially vital resource crying out to be exploited. Everyone deserves the chance to contribute to their home’s fiscal well-being. As the initiative gains momentum local businesses and educational institutions will evaluate the data being collected and decide how to put it to good use. Chamber President/CEO Kelly Hall explained the reasoning behind this new program.

“Creating jobs remains priority #1. In order to do so effectively we must understand the needs of our businesses and community,” she said. “Bottom line, that is why we chose to develop and launch Longview, Texas Listens. For our organization to remain strategic in our thinking and planning processes we need your input. Collectively, we can move our community forward to attract and retain businesses.”

The project will make it feasible for contributors not only to make potentially valuable suggestions, but to evaluate others’ ideas, participate in instant polls and make themselves known to civic leaders as a potentially valuable resource. The following is an example of a typical discussion that can profitably branch off in multiple directions:

* How strongly do you support a program to nurture small businesses in Longview?

* What types of business, entertainment venues or recreational facilities would you like to see in our community?

The website will measure and track participants, singling out and taking note of the most promising ideas and persons and likely launching some new careers in the process. MindMixer set up the program to make for easy communications between citizens and local political and economic leaders, and stores away promising information for future planning.

“Our tools go beyond just technology,” said MindMixer CEO Nick Bowden. “Our mission is to build community contributors. Ideas, voices and perspectives are shared to facilitate deeper and better conversations that yield actionable insights and a stronger community.”

MindMixer also consults and collaborates with its clients in order to identify issues stakeholders need to update their websites’ contents and topics.

The Longview Chamber of Commerce (LCC) is regarded as the leading business resource in Gregg County. It is a member-driven organization that regularly assesses the needs of local business owners and executives. The Chamber’s programs, products and events are created to deliver the strategic business solutions members need. The Chamber’s mission is to engage in and promote projects that have a positive impact on the Longview Trade Area.

For more information please visit the Longview Chamber of Commerce website at

By Kelly Bell