Back in 1984 Good Shepherd Medical Center (GSMC) organized 60 women into the Good Shepherd Guild/Gold Rush.  These volunteers offer up their time, talents and sundry support to assist the hospital in various ways year-round.  The more than $6 million in contributions the Gold Rush has raised through the years have financed the Heart Center, opened in 1987, and the 1992 expansions to the critical care expansion on the 5th and 6th floors.  Additional efforts by the Gold Rush have funded updated pediatric capabilities, catheterization equipment, a central monitoring system in Maternal Children Services, emergency defibrillators for the emergency ambulance service, assisted in financing the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, the hospital’s Institute for Healthy Living, and Shepherd House.
More than 450 businesses assist Gold Rush by underwriting tables, auctions, and the sale of raffle tickets.  Additionally, 175 GSMC employees also, crucially volunteer during the auctions as greeters, servers, valet parking attendants, cashiers and silent auction monitors.
According to Cindy Jordan, director GSMC Foundation, the proceeds raised this year at “Boots, Buckles and Bling” will allow the Medical Simulation Center to lead the charge in East Texas medical education advancement through expansion. The Center is dedicated to creating an innovative learning environment utilizing interactive techniques.
In addition, the Center is committed to collaborating with area schools, emergency medical services, allied health programs, including the participants of the new Good Shepherd Internal Medicine Residency program.  “More than one hundred and ten tables were sold,” said Jordan. “We thank everyone for their support.”
The Good Shepherd Foundation is Gold Rush’s official organizer.  The foundation is a non-profit, charitable organ that solicits philanthropic support for GSMC programs, facilities, services and activities.