The school year has come to an end for the graduating students at the Wayne D. Boshears Center for Exceptional Programs at 3450 Chandler Hwy., in Tyler.
These students have the honor of being the first graduating class at the new location. The students graduating are: Cynthia Arriaga, Austin Bradley, London Hendricks, Charles Hogue, Wesley Monroe, Doug Silvey, Ashley Stone, and Eleanor Stone.
“As with all graduates there is excitement and fear as they enter a new chapter in their lives and face a future filled with anticipation of what is to come,” said Karyn Hacker, Principal at the Boshears Center.  “We wish our graduates and their families the best future possible.”
Cynthia Arriaga has been at Boshears for 19 years – the only school she has ever attended.  Cynthia likes anything sensory and enjoys relaxing on her beanbag.  She likes to push a cart to her room to get to her favorite chair.
Austin Bradley has been at Boshears for 13 years and attended Rice and Dixie elementary schools before coming to Boshears.  Austin’s favorite school activities are looking at books, preparing newspapers for shredding, making deliveries, going off campus, socializing, group time and lunch.
London Hendricks has been at Boshears for 6 years.  London enjoys walking on the treadmill and doing work jobs as well as swinging, singing, dancing and watching tapes.
Charles “Austin” Hogue has been at Boshears for 3 years.  Austin enjoys playing with objects that crinkle, selling food at school door-to-door, playing ball in PE and playing the tambourine.
Wesley Monroe has been at Boshers for 5 years.  Wesley loves to do work jobs, walk around the school campus and go horseback riding. He also loves to fish, shop, spend time with his family and travel.
Doug Silvey has been at Boshears for 14 years.  Doug’s favorite school activities are music and adaptive PE.  He enjoys listening to music, twirling his ribbon, feeding the ducks and making Meals on Wheels deliveries.
Ashley “Jera” Stone has been at Boshears for  3 years.  Ashley enjoys eating out, swinging outside, playing with a basketball or any ball, chasing her siblings around the house, rocking and eating.
Eleanor “Rochelle” Stone has been at Boshears for 7 years.  Rochell’s favorite school activities are music, foot spa and horseback riding.  She enjoys shopping and going on road trips.