Longview Regional Medical Center, (LRMC) has opened its brand new state-of-the-art Heart and Vascular Institute. The technologically equipped 23-bed unit offers monitored private rooms and more. Virginia Hardaway, RN, MSN is excited about the new unit. “The comfort, warm environment and privacy are some of the things we are bringing to our patients,” she said. “I am excited about the growth of the hospital and the physicians who bring quality care to our patients.”
All twenty three rooms are spacious and beautifully appointed. It is important to note, everything in this unit is pristine including hospital equipment.
Four rooms for the handicapped have large walk-in showers. The bariatric room has Texas-size recliner and side chair.
According to Hardaway, she had the opportunity to work somewhere else but the culture of Longview Regional Medical Center got her attention during her leadership clinical at the hospital. “I decided I want to work here because of company culture,” she said. “From housekeeping to the CEO, everyone works together for best outcomes. It is a family here and they treat their patients as such.”
Hardaway said LRMC has a standard of care that comes naturally. Co-workers are committed to each other and work as a team. This type of work-ethic translates into better care for patients and this is what Hardaway likes about her work.
Longview Regional Medical Center’s commitment to quality healthcare and operational excellence earned them the Outstanding Achievement Awards from Community Health Systems.

LRMC CEO Jim Kendrick and Virginia Hardaway, RN, MSN standing in one of the rooms