Downtown Tyler will see its first-ever “Cash Mob” Friday morning, March 23. The City of Tyler Main Street Department and Heart of Tyler Inc. are working together to promote the event, designed to support and show appreciation to small, locally owned businesses.

“A Cash Mob is based loosely on the same principles as flash mobs,” said City of Tyler Main Street Department Leader Beverly Abell. “A crowd gathers together in one place, conducts an activity, and disburses.”

In the case of Cash Mobs, people gather together at an appointed time and spend money at one small, locally owned business at a time to offer them support and an economic shot in the arm. The movement began in 2011 and has spread internationally.

“We will gather at Gallery Main Street at 110 W. Erwin at 7:30 a.m.,” Abell said. “And then we’ll then walk together to the Downtown Coffee Lounge at College and Erwin, selected as downtown’s first Cash Mob site.”

“We’re asking everyone to bring $5-$10 to spend at the business. This is a very tangible way to support locally owned small businesses and to thank them for locating in our downtown area,” Abell said.

Abell anticipates the activity will take place until approximately 8:30 a.m.

This is hopefully just the first in a series of Cash Mobs to be held in the downtown program area, Abell said.

“Whether or not we continue with these depends a lot on participation in this week’s event,” she noted.

The public is invited to join in and be a part of the “mob.”

International Cash Mob Day is March 24, but Abell noted that organizers felt Friday would be a better fit for downtown so the area’s workforce could participate in the event.

Those who have questions should call the City of Tyler Main Street Department at (903) 593-6905.