“Texas Bank and Trust practices Christian principles. They care about their customers. They care about their employees and see them as an extension of their own family.” Glenda Shead, Assistant Vice President

Glenda Shead recently bade her last farewells to her work family at a retirement party they threw for her at Texas Bank and Trust in downtown Longview. She was one of them for 30 years. She and her husband are now relocating to Oklahoma, but first they traveled memory lane during the party, which was held in the bank’s Hazel Hickey Room.

Texas Bank and Trust Director of Human Resources Connie Milligan worked closely with Shead, describing her as a loving person who cared deeply for her customers and made sure they had first-class service. She also explained why she, herself, has spent nearly four decades at the bank.

“The management, the Pope family, have instilled in us the values that customers see in the bank–caring for each other and taking excellent care of our customers,” she said.

Mail room worker Willie Bradley described how he started out as a customer before becoming a bank employee.

“It is a good bank. They treat me well,” he said. “It is definitely a bank that cares for the customers and the community.”

John Bailey worked with Shead for 10 years before moving on to another job. When he heard she was retiring he made sure to attend the retirement party.

“She is a good worker [and] fun to be around,” he said.

He also pointed out that the bank’s slogan, “People Make the Difference,” is taken seriously.

“They care for their employees,” he said.

Pam Shubert worked for the bank 15 years, and still would be if she had not moved to Whitehouse.

“I enjoyed my time here,” she said. “It is a great bank and good place to work.”

To buttress all of the above is the bank’s Chaplain Carlis Stone. She described her job.

“I come and visit with the employees, and they talk to me if they need to talk,” she said. “We are here for the employees and their families.”

Should an employee or a member of his family, say, have cancer or some other such problem he can discuss it with Stone. Bank employees know they are not alone when facing their challenges.

“Happy employees make better employees, Stone said.

Finally, Glenda shared her own thoughts.

“Texas Bank and Trust practices Christian principles,” she said. “They care about their customers. They care about their employees and see them as an extension of their own family.”

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Susan Williams, Dominique Mapps, Glenda Pierce, Glenda Shead and Dorrie Deland