The City of Tyler holds its employees to the highest standards, but still, some go above and beyond. Rose Ray from the Human Resources Department was recognized with the Blueprint Blue Ribbon Award at the City Council meeting on Jan. 24 for her collaboration, innovation, customer service and strategic focus.


“Rose has consistently demonstrated the Called to SERVE spirit through coordination with vendors, the community and City departments,” said ReNissa Wade, Managing Director, AICP. “She willingly takes on assignments outside of her area of responsibility because she believes these assignments are for the greater good of the organization and our community.”


Ray graduated from City University’s Leadership Academy in 2014 with honors, serves as the City’s representative on the Lighten Up East Texas Committee, Tyler Junior College Public Administration Advisory Committee for public administration, and was instrumental in developing the language and provisions incorporated into the City’s benefits contracts. She researched best practices and ensured that language was incorporated into the contract to protect the City and its employees. Her achievements include collaboration with the Northeast Texas Public Health District to sponsor a City diabetic training workshop exclusively for City employees and her work on the City’s Benefits Committee through contract management and review.


“Her most recent achievement was performing an audit of the Third Party Administrator and the handling of the retiree accounts,” said Wade. “During this audit, she discovered an error that saved the City thousands of dollars.”


The Blueprint Blue Ribbon Award is to recognize employees who have placed the highest premium on responsiveness to citizen’s needs. The Blueprint Blue Ribbon Program was started in 2004 to recognize exceptional employee performance. Ideal candidates for the award are employees whose ideas or suggestions have improved productivity, saved money, improved efficiency or improved employee morale.