Due to the fact many residents are without power, the City of Longview in conjunction with the American Red Cross are opening an emergency shelter. Shelter operation will be at the Longview Exhibit Building at the Maude Cobb Activity Complex, 1123 Jaycee Dr. The Red Cross general information phone number is 866-505-4801.

Shelter will have cots and blankets available for those in need.

Showers are available but you will need bring soap, shampoo and towel.

Also, remember to bring any medications or medical equipment if necessary.

The shelter will be open to anyone without power.

UPDATE: 06/01/17

Officials with the City of Longview and the American Red Cross plan to close the Emergency Shelter at the Longview Exhibit Building by 8 p.m., Friday, June 2. The shelter had been established to provide emergency accommodations for residents who had lost power during the May 28 storm that hit the Longview and Easton area.
The storm had caused significant damage to trees and power lines. According to Fire Chief J.P. Steelman, “It is our understanding that AEP SWEPCO has made significant progress in restoring power to the area. We are thankful that the American Red Cross and Salvation Army worked together to make the emergency shelter an option for residents in need.”

According to Tammy Prater with the American Red Cross, 38 individuals utilized the shelter on Monday night, 29 on Tuesday night, 31 on Wednesday night, and 13 are expected to use the shelter on Thursday night.

Any individuals in need of shelter should contact the American Red Cross at 866-505-4801.