On April 11, the City of Tyler introduced a new website that gives the public better access to information about public works projects around the City. This website, TylerPublicWorks.com, includes new content features and a simple and easy to navigate format.


“We are always looking for ways to be more transparent in our processes,” said City Engineer Carter Delleney. “This site enhances our ability to showcase these processes.”


The website features a “project map” section, where users can access information about active projects around the City, including those that may be close to home. By clicking on a project in the map window, users will be able to access more information about each project including a one-page report. The map also has a search-by-address feature, allowing users to view projects close to their home or business.


“Currently, users can view active projects for up to 24 months,” says Dan Allee, geographic information systems manager. “Users can also select a future projects filter, which will show projects that are currently estimated to be six to ten years from implementation.”


The site features public works projects across both enterprise fund and general fund departments, including water and wastewater projects from Tyler Water Utilities, and streets and drainage projects from the Tyler Engineering Department. The site also features information for contractors and developers, including information on the Capital Improvements Program (CIP), City Standards and information on the City’s consent decree with the EPA.


“Public works projects are vital to making our community a better place to live,” said Tyler Water Utilities Director Lisa Crossman. “This new website is a great way for our citizens to stay informed about these important community projects.”


To learn more, visit www.TylerPublicWorks.com