Commissioner Wayne Christian (R -Texas) toured oil and gas cleanup sites in east Texas while visiting the Railroad Commission of Texas (RRC) district office in Kilgore. During his visit, Christian emphasized the important work done at the district level to ensure the responsible production of oil and gas.

“The Railroad Commission is not simply three commissioners making decisions down in Austin,” said Christian. “It is an agency of hundreds of hardworking men and women across the state, fighting to ensure Texas remains both prosperous and environmentally safe.”

Christian toured two abandoned oil and gas sites where cleanup operations are ongoing. Clean up at each site is expected to exceed one million dollars. No taxpayer funds will be used to pay for the cleanup operations. Funding for both projects comes from the Oil and Gas Regulation and Cleanup Fund (OGRC), which is made up of production tax, fees and penalties paid to the RRC by oil and gas industry operators.

“It is important to always remember that everyone in the state from oil and gas producers to environmentalists are our constituents,” continued Christian. “The work done at the district-level has helped ensure the Texas Miracle remains alive and well.”

While in Kilgore, Commissioner Christian took time to thank District Office staff for their commitment and dedication to serving the RRC and Texas. He also spent time in the community at the East Texas Oil Museum at Kilgore College to view re-creations of oil discovery and production in the early 1930s, and at the popular Country Tavern BBQ.