Smith County Judge Nathaniel Moran believes Smith County includes some of the best cities to live in all of Texas.

Because Smith County and the 11 cities within its boundaries represent and service the same citizens, it is important they work together, and have close ties and communication, Judge Moran said.

During Smith County Commissioners Court on Tuesday, April 11, 2017, Judge Moran discussed his new initiative, “Connecting Communities,” in which cities within Smith County will be periodically highlighted during Commissioners Court over the next year.


Municipalities within Smith County include Tyler, Lindale, Whitehouse, Arp, Troup, Bullard, Winona, New Chapel Hill, Noonday, Overton and Hideaway.


City leaders will be invited to Commissioners Court to be recognized and give presentations about their city, as well as provide information about the state of each city and future plans.

The Mayor of Noonday, Mike Turman, has been invited to attend Commissioners Court for the first “Connecting Communities” presentation on Tuesday, April 18, 2017.

Judge Moran said he wants to build awareness about each city and their leaders, celebrate their achievements, and increase communication and cooperation between local governments to better serve Smith County residents.

“We thought April – County Government Month — would be a perfect time to roll out this new initiative,” Judge Moran said. “We are excited to build stronger relationships with city leaders throughout Smith County.”

“Connecting Communities” is part of a larger initiative to engage in “County Conversations” over the next several months so that Commissioners Court can hear from all constituents, civic leaders, businesses, nonprofit groups and others.

“We want to affirmatively reach out to citizens of Smith County, to hear from them about what is working and what needs to improve in county government, so that we can continue to be attentive to the needs of our citizens,” Judge Moran said. “Across the board, we want to hear from you and listen to you.”

Judge Moran believes it is a good time to have these conversations as the county enters into budget season for fiscal year 2018.

Judge Moran has been speaking about county government to various organizations throughout the county for the past several months. His talks have included how county government differs from municipalities and what the county can and can’t do.

“We want the citizens to know how county government works and the role county government plays in their everyday lives,” he said. “We also want to hear back from our citizens – what are we doing well and what do we need to do better.”