According to the gracious hosts of the recent Longview Cattle Barrons’ Ball (CBB) kick-off, Drs. Samir Germanwala, an intervention cardiologist and his wife Gana Nadiga, an Opthamologist volunteering their home was the right thing to do for a wonderful cause.
Natalie Feuquay, co-chair of CBB is a Cardiac Cath Lab nurse who works with Germanwala.  According to Feuquay, their goal this year is $110,000.  Todd Johnson, chief financial officer at Longview Regional Medical Center (LRMC,) said the hospital is always glad to be a sponsor of CBB and will continue to do so in the foreseeable future.
CBB Sponsor Chair Gina Dehoyos thanked everyone for coming.  She also thanked the sponsors for their generosity. She reminded the audience that sponsorships are still available and that all are welcome to avail themselves.  According to Dehoyos the funds from CBB stay in East Texas.  CBB financing is used for purchasing gas cards, taxi and bus fares; wigs, bras and many other everyday necessities needed by cancer patients.
The recipients of CBB funds (called the “Signs of Hope”) were on hand to give their testimonies.  Cheryl Porchia, a 48-year-old mother, was first diagnosed in 2006, and has been fighting cancer since then.  In 2009 she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer stage 4, and survived.  That is not all.  In 2011, she was again diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, this time of the brain.  “I am happy to say that the tumors have shrunk,” she said.
Porchia’s cancer is gene-related.  Her mother is the carrier.  The silver lining came last year when she learned the gene was not passed on to her daughter.  “I feel good and I am going to keep fighting.”
Kandra Askew’s case was similar.  She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008. Her faith and belief in God has anchored her and her family.  According to Askew they have been blessed in many ways and learned to receive graciously. She said, “I chose to remember that I am not fighting God. I am fighting cancer.”  She has also learned that through fund raising with her students she can help others in the cancer center. “Life is not all about you,” she said.  “It is about other people.”
Your support is needed in the fight against cancer, so please consider donating to the Longview Cattle Barrons’ Ball.
For more information please contact co-chairs Natalye Feuquay at 903.736.9622 or Dawn Olivas at  903.736.4276.  Meanwhile get ready for  the upcoming ball on Saturday April 14.  Entertainment will be provided by:
Dagnabbit – Opening band
Chuck Wicks – Headliner
Miller Row – Closing band

CBB Co-chair Natalie Feuquay with Susan Thomas, Beverly Rutland, and Wendy McDonald, nurses at the Cardiac Cath Lab