Gorman Brown is a Longview native and senior-to-be in Longview High School (LHS,) and has been making her city and alma mater proud with her achievements in academics and community service.  She is aiming for a collegiate career at Texas A&M, where she looks to study Animal and Human Sciences with double minors in Italian language and Equine Science.
For the moment, though, she has her eye on the present. She has just won the 2011 Junior Culinarian of the Year award while representing the mid-East Texas chapter of the Texas Chefs Association (TCA.)
“I have always loved to cook,” she said.  “I had an Easy Bake Oven as a little girl, and used it till it broke down.”
She has a drive for the kitchen because of the healthy meals she prepares for her mother, Kim Brown, director of marketing at Longview Regional Medical Center.
Gorman’s part-time job at Cook’s Nook gives her access to the American Culinary Federation (ACF) and the TCA. She became a member of both organizations, and met some interesting people such as LHS culinary instructor Vickie Trammel, who taught her knife skills and food temperatures.
“She [Trammel] is a lot of fun.  She pushes all of us because she knows we have potential,” said Brown.
This new knowledge came in handy during competition with well-known Dallas culinary schools.
“I am real proud of what our school did,” she said.  “Just competing with the schools in Dallas was no small feat.”
The unique aspect of Brown’s award is that its winners are normally college students.  She is the only active high school student member of the Texas Culinary Chefs in the East Texas region.
She foresees a busy future with careers both in the culinary arts and animal and human sciences.
She is also a busy lady at LHS.  She is a three-year member of the student council, two-year member of the Z-Club, two-year member and vice-president of the LHS chapter of Future Farmers of America and Agriculture.
Apart from her membership in the Texas Chefs’ Association & American Culinary Federation, she is a distinguished alumnus of National Youth Leadership Forum, and a member of the National Society of High School Scholars.
Gorman pursues her volunteer work through the following organizations–Longview Regional Medical Center’s events, Stars over Longview, Healthy Woman, Hospital Week, Family Night, various walks, Windridge Therapeutic Equestrian Center, American Heart Association heart walks, Lifepoint Christian Church, as a First Christian Church day camp counselor, and the Longview Historic Downtown Farmer’s Market.
With her senior year looming Gorman plans to live out the tradition of attending Texas A&M University. She credits her parents for helping her to be the best she can be.  She also thanks the TCA and ACF for providing the opportunities she has received.

Gorman Brown, Junior Culinarian of the Year, with mother, Kim Brown, marketing director, Longview Regional Medical Center