Voluntary Organizations Disaster Assistance Center (VODAC) is opening for individuals impacted by the East Texas Wildfires.
“Our mission is to coordinate multiple charitable organizations at a central location for families and individuals to come for help,” said Bradley Scott, Community Partnerships Coordinator with American Red Cross.
The Center will be located at The First United Methodist Church, 305 W. Henderson, Jefferson, Texas.  Hours are 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

Charitable organizations and their services include:

American Red Cross
Recovery backpacks, health services, counseling

Marion County Food Bank        Food
Communities Services of NE TX

Home Depot                Fire sifters

Lone Star Legal Aid            Legalities

Jefferson Housing Authority        Housing

1st United Methodist/Jefferson
Furniture, clothing, housewares

St. Vincent de Paul            Clothing

Linden United Methodist Churches    Large and small animal shelter, first aid, storage, clean-up, construction crews
Enon Ministry/Linden            Linens, new pillows, clothing

1st Baptist of Linden
Medications, showers and laundry

“We know people are distraught and don’t know what to do next,” continued Scott.  “Our hope is for clients to have a recovery plan in place when they leave the facility to speed the process of rebuilding their lives.
More agencies are needed in Cass and Marion Counties to help meet the unique needs of rural communities, such as: barn storming, property clean-up, tree trimming, well services, construction and etc.
Agencies should contact Alicia Toombs, 325-665-7066.