Dale Lessenberry Longview Cable market place coordinator bragged on Michael Santellano, a coworker and contestant at the City of Longview July the 4th Media Hot Dog Eating contest. “He is pre-qualified,” Lessenberry said. “He ate 10 hot dogs in 24 minutes and 14 seconds.”

However, Richard Yeakley of Longview News Journal demolished Santellano’s qualifications when he woofed down 4 hotdogs on buns in 1 minute and 51 seconds making him the winner.

According to Yeakley, he came for a free lunch. Charlie O’ Douglas of KYKX KIX 107 radio station has a different reason for entering the competition.

“I am here representing all the hot dog intolerant people because we are all part of the Charlie O’ Dog nation.” Shawn Hara with the City of Longview wants more than hot dogs.

“If it had been Italian sausage, Bratwurst or Polish sausage, I may have entered the competition,” he commented.

According to Kevin Boyce of CBS 19, he entered the competition because Shawn Hara offered him free Pepto-Bismol if needed and besides it just plain fun to be there. Laura Christian from East Texas Review agrees with other contestants.

“I could not resist the fun and free food.” Hara was pretty impressed with the media competition. “I am very proud of Richard’s eating ability and Charlie was right behind Richard but could not get it down fast enough,” said Hara. “Laura and Santellano did a pretty good job. It is about the fun and support that really matters.”

Bill and Tony Ferguson who came to grocery shop at Skinner’s watched the competition. “It is wild they said. “The guy who won did good but seemed nervous when he finished.” Skinners Grocery Store sponsored the Media hot dog eating contest that took place in their store.

This Media hot dog eating competition is a preview to what is coming on Thursday July the 4th at the Maude Cobb Convention Center. There are a children, women, and men competition at 3:00pm, 3:30pm and 4:00pm respectively. The children will have 2, women 4 and men 10 hotdogs to put away while the clock is ticking. The fastest eater in each category wins a $100 gift certificate from Skinner’s grocery on Judson Road and a trophy to take home.

There is more. The July 4th celebration will showcase music and many other events for the family so plan to spend the 4th at the Maude Cobb before the evening fireworks extravaganza.