East Texas Baptist University’s Mini-Terms, available as one-week or two-week courses, were administered from Monday, August 7 through Friday, August 18. The University began offering Mini-Terms in May 2016 as a benefit for the flat tuition rate. This August, 19 different courses were available and over 300 students enrolled.
“I taught Introduction to New Testament, a one-week general education course required for all ETBU students,” Professor of Religion Warren Johnson shared. “I enjoy the concentrated nature of the Mini-Terms. The students do not have to think about New Testament now, Algebra next, and their English essay due tomorrow. For this brief time, they are able to focus on one topic.”
Professors ensure retention by immersing students in the material and measuring their comprehension each day. Mini-Terms were created to accommodate students’ needs by providing an accessible and quality education, while allowing them to experience the same atmosphere of community.
“I enrolled in Editing and Publishing, a two-week hybrid course taught by Dr. Ellis Purdie,” ETBU senior and Secondary English Education major Ashley Dunnehoo said. “I chose the course because I knew it would prepare me to teach editing to high school students. I appreciated the condensed structure of the Mini-Terms because it made the material easier to remember. Also, I enjoyed the relationships I made with my classmates.”
Students in hybrid courses spend one-week in class and one-week online, allowing them to collaborate while at the same time incorporating flexibility. One-week and two-week courses are offered exclusively in-class in addition to the hybrid format. To reach a diverse group of students, ETBU designed the Mini-Term courses to provide students with the same quality and rigor, yet in a shortened timeframe. Mini-Terms enable students to accelerate the pace of degree completion with course offerings outside the typical 16-week format.
“I chose the Mini-Term, because I needed to fit more classes in my schedule to graduate on time, since I am a transfer student,” ETBU senior Marketing major Katelyn Cooper said. “I have taken a Mini-Term before and I plan on enrolling in more.”
Mini-Terms are offered during August, December, January, Spring Break, and May. To review class schedules and learn more about the benefits of Mini-Term offerings, visit https://www.etbu.edu/academics/schedule/ or call 903.923.2000.