Eastman hosted the Kilgore College Fire Academy over the weekend at its fire training grounds located in Longview, Texas. Approximately 20 students and 10 instructors were on site to learn the basics of industrial firefighting.

“Eastman strongly supports our local communities in the emergency planning, preparedness and response areas,” said Chris Osborn, Eastman’s Longview fire captain. “We look forward to continuing to work with and help train responders in the future. The training props at Eastman’s private fire training center in Longview allow first responders to train for petrochemical type fires they could face in their respective communities.”

This event was the first- time students from the Kilgore College Fire Academy participated in training with Eastman at its industrial firefighting training complex.

“Kilgore College Fire Academy staff was pleased to bring students from Class #103 to Eastman to learn from them and use their great training facilities,” said Mike Fennell, lead Fire Academy instructor. “This was a very unique experience for them. Industrial firefighting is different than structural firefighting, so this opportunity allowed us to add another educational experience for the students to learn the many different aspects of firefighting.”