The University of Texas at Tyler has recorded a 29 percent increase in first-time undergraduate students and a 37 percent increase in graduate enrollment compared to last fall, President Rodney H. Mabry announced.
Total headcount for this fall is 6,703 over fall 2010 figures of 6,446. The overall enrollment increase is four percent.
“We are very pleased with these figures. Students statewide and across the nation increasingly realize that UT Tyler is a top-flight institution that produces some of the best graduates anywhere. I believe this increase, especially during these challenging economic times, attests to the fact that our academic programs are among the best and are very worthwhile investments for students,” said President Mabry.
UT Tyler welcomed its inaugural cohort of students in its new Global Awareness Through Education program in August. Students enrolled in GATE are from East Texas, areas in and around Dallas and Houston, as well as California, Louisiana, Brazil, Kenya, Mexico and the Philippines.
“This is just one example of the high-ability students we’ve attracted from all over world,” said President Mabry.
GATE is the university’s Quality Enhancement Plan that is designed to increase global awareness among cohorts of freshman and sophomore students.  It will enhance and increase UT Tyler students’ global knowledge and understanding of other cultures and worldviews.
UT Tyler also has implemented new academic programs, such as religion studies, and re-invigorated others, such as construction management.
“Our objective is to offer programs that meet the needs of our students as well as industry—and we intend to provide our students the richest and highest quality educational experience possible,” President Mabry added.