Longview ISD Reports 1.7 Percent Increase


Longview ISD on Friday recorded a 147-student increase from 2013 for the fall Public Education Information Management Systems (PEIMS) ‘snapshot,’ with the largest gain coming at the district’s newest high school.
Though statistics tend to change regularly as people move in and out of the district, the official district student population for 2014 is 8,775, which is 1.7 percent more than the 8,628 students recorded in October 2013.
Longview Early Graduation High School today had 190 students enrolled, compared with 123 students a year ago when the campus operated as LEAD Academy. The increase in the campus’ population amounts to about 54 percentage points.
“Longview Early Graduation High School has gone from a small 2A sized campus to almost being 3A, and one of the reasons is its diverse course offerings,” Superintendent Dr. James E. Wilcox said. “Where else can a student enroll as a freshman and graduate a year early, with options for dual (college) credit and career and technology programs?”
Campus 2014                               ‘Snapshot’ (Oct. 31) 2013           ‘Snapshot’ (Oct. 25, 2013)

Longview HS                                                              1,920                                           1,948
Early Graduation HS                                                     190                                              123
Forest Park MS                                                             533                                              544
Foster MS                                                                     785                                              785
Judson MS                                                                    541                                              522
Playing for Keeps                                                           51                                                35
Hudson PEP ES                                                           588                                              586
Bramlette ES                                                                675                                              686
JL Everhart ES                                                             719                                              685
Johnston-McQueen ES                                                727                                              700
S. Ward ES                                                                  688                                               715
Ware ES                                                                       768                                               762
Ned E. Williams ES                                                      583                                               529