ETAA CEO Dr. Cynthia Wise exits amidst J.L Everhart National Blue Ribbon School nomination
Over the last forty years, 9000 schools nationwide have claimed this lofty achievement- National Blue-Ribbon Schools. Longview ISD J.L. Everhart Elementary School made the list this year as Exemplary Achievement-Gap-Closing School

by Joycelyne Fadojutimi

The Texas Education Agency has announced that twenty-six Texas public schools are nominated as 2022 National Blue-Ribbon Schools. Established by the United States Department of Education (USDE) in 1982 this program recognizes both public and private elementary, middle, and high schools which have accomplished high success in closing achievement gaps throughout their student subpopulations. Over the last forty years 9000 schools nationwide have claimed this lofty achievement.
Longview ISD J.L. Everhart made the list this year as Exemplary Achievement-Gap-Closing School.
Texas schools are evaluated by considering student accomplishment on the first administration of the prior year’s STAAR assessments, along with college and career information and graduation rates when applicable. The 2022 list presents a spectrum of various learning environments, including traditional elementary, middle, and high school campuses, as well as magnet and early college high schools. These specific nominees represent twelve of Texas’ twenty Education Service Center regions, stretching from the Panhandle to the Rio Grande Valley to the Pineywoods thickets of Deep East Texas to the plains of the Trans-Pecos.

The next step for these specified schools is completion of a demanding application procedure devised and conducted by the USDE. National award winners will be announced in September, and schools receiving the designation will be honored at the National Blue Ribbon Schools Awards Ceremony in Washington D.C.
Dr. Wise, a harbinger of education success and author of the Culture Conscious Campus (CCC), a comprehensive model has resigned her position as the Chief Executive Officer of East Texas Advance Academy, (ETAA), a non-profit organization dedicated to managing six in-district charter schools in the Longview ISD including J.L Everhart.
Wise strongly believes in academic excellence and achievement for all students.

“I think that oftentimes people’s egos get in the way, and they forget that it’s not about us,” she said. “It’s ultimately about the students and working together to ensure that they are successful.”

*Jodie McClure Magnet ES from Needs Improvement to Recognized School.
*Ned E. Williams ES turned it into an “A” school and highest performing predominantly African American school in Texas.
*Texas Education Commissioner Mike Morath sent Texas Education Deputy Commissioner Martin Winchester and held it up as a model of success.
*Ned E. Williams maintained the maximum of 6 STARS Distinction under Dr. Wise.
*Forest Park Middle School moved from 1 STAR Distinction to 5 STAR Distinctions.
*Bellwether Education Partners, a “national nonprofit focused on dramatically changing education and life outcomes for underserved children.” and several campuses across the country visit Dr. Wise to hear firsthand how she is turning failing schools with low socioeconomic population schools into star studded, high performing academies.
* East Texas Advanced Academies formed.
*JL Everhart nominated as 2022 National Blue-Ribbon School as Exemplary Achievement-Gap-Closing School.

Dr. Wise entire life’s mission revolves around helping others, young and old. She loves being her brother’s keeper and uses her education career as the vehicle to accomplish her unselfish, loving goals.

“I’ve done this by working in education and ensuring that students regardless of their background receive a world-class education,” Wise said.
According to ETAA press release, “ETAA and Longview ISD are so appreciative of Dr. Wise’s leadership of this organization and wish her all the best.”