East Texas Baptist University gathered around the campus flagpole on Wednesday, September 27 for the global day of prayer, See You at the Pole. For over a decade, ETBU has participated in this tradition, enabling the Tiger Family to intercede for their school, friends, family, churches, communities, and country.

“See You at the Pole is a reminder of what we should be doing individually and corporately on a regular basis – seeking God’s face, direction, and His blessing,” ETBU Baptist Student Ministry (BSM) Director Mark Yates said. “I am always encouraged by the cross-section of ETBU students, faculty, and staff that come early in the morning to pray together. Prayer crosses all barriers and differences and brings God’s people together at the foot of the throne.”

The student-led event is an opportunity for the University to gather as a Christian community for worship and prayer. Through See You at the Pole, students are reminded that they are a part of something larger than themselves.

“See You at the Pole has helped me step out of my comfort zone,” ETBU BSM Prayer Ministry leader Ashley Simmons expressed. “Prayer always brings people together. To be able to join in prayer with my professors and peers is a blessing to me. I loved this time of prayer and worship. While ETBU invites God’s spirit to dwell on the campus daily, it was nice to know that believers around the globe joined to pray together at the same time.”

Since it began in 1990 when ten students prayed for their school in Burleson, Texas, the annual event has empowered believers to stand as a witness for Christ. As the campus freely meets in the name of the Lord, Tigers are connected to the Church and encouraged to share the gospel of Jesus with others.

“Corporate prayer is important for our University, because it demonstrates our shared dependence on the Lord as we plead together for the Holy Spirit to move in our individual lives as well as in the life of our campus community,” ETBU Dean of Spiritual Development Scott Stevens shared. “See You at the Pole serves as a catalyst for continued prayers for God to move in incredible ways among the Tiger Family.”
ETBU actively promotes an atmosphere for genuine prayer through both the BSM Prayer Ministry Team and the Intercessory Prayer Ministry. Students, faculty, and staff are given opportunities to participate in weekly prayer meetings, and campus and community prayer walks. Prayer rooms are available in the Ornelas Spiritual Life Center for individual prayer. Corporate prayer through special events, like See You at the Pole, prayer conferences, prayer groups, and weekly chapel services are an integral part of the Christ-centered campus culture. The ETBU Family believes in the power of prayer. Prayer requests may be submitted to bsm@etbu.edu, pray@etbu.edu, or by calling 903.923.2184.

“As you go throughout your day, you should be prepared for whatever life throws at you,” ETBU sophomore Josue Morales said. “Prayer prepares you for that: heart, soul, mind, and strength.”