Can the Christian faith make an impact on the workplace?  In America workers are more and more hoping their jobs will provide something more fulfilling than a paycheck.  Is there a place for pastors here?  LeTourneau University’s (LETU) Dallas-based Center for Faith & Works says yes to both questions.
Ninety-three percent of all pastors say they want to help members of their congregations integrate faith and work, but fully two-thirds of them admit their efforts fall short,” said Center for Faith & Work Executive Director Bill Peel.  “People work more, and better, when their labor carries a sense of calling, but most employers can’t give it, and most pastors don’t.”
Center-commissioned surveys by the Barna Group highlight the failure of faith to infiltrate the workplace:
• Nearly all (93%) of pastors say helping people integrate faith into daily work is “very important.”
• One-third (32%) of these pastors claim to have an “excellent understanding” of workplace issues.
• Half (49%) of churchgoing, employed Christians”strongly agree” that their churches give information, guidance and support to parishioners’ practicing of their faith at work.
• 26% of pastors claim their sermons address the issue of faith at work.
• 8% of all pastors provide prayer support for workplace issues.
• 3% of all pastors report they visit their church members on the job.

LeTourneau established its Center For Faith & Work in 2011 in hopes of supporting a burgeoning “faith at work” movement aimed at helping Christians (employed and unemployed) exercise their faith outside the church.  To study the Center’s mission further visit  This resource reveals the program’s resources, tools and curriculum.  The Center is founded on the premise that the Lord prizes good work, well done.
“From Genesis to Revelation, work is essential to human flourishing,” said Peel.  “Pastors and pew populations too often default to esteeming ‘church work’ over traditional business, but God doesn’t draw that line.”
LETU President Dr.Dale Lunsford clearly outlines his institution’s support of the Center’s objective.
“In 1947, R.G. LeTourneau, industrialist and inventor, founded LeTourneau University in Longview, Texas, and his refusal to separate faith and business formed the DNA of the university,” he said.  “The Center is the university’s strategic initiative to graduate professionals prepared to integrate their faith and work.”
Peel is the founding executive of the Center for Faith & Work.  He is an award-winning writer of seven books, including Workplace Grace, What God Does When Men Lead and Discover Your Destiny.  He finds time for interviews and to provide content on such subjects as:

* Executives’ Faith at Work.
* The Faith at Work Movement.
* The Bottom Line on Faith at Work.
* Five Ways Churches Can Send Faith to Work.
* What Americans Want: 21st Century Work and Meaning.

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