In response to the extreme drought and potential for wildfires throughout Texas, Governor Perry reissued a disaster proclamation.
Due to the disaster proclamation, Texans who have property that has been damaged or destroyed by a wildfire may claim an exemption from sales tax on labor charges to repair the damage.
In addition, business owners affected by the recent wildfires may request an extension of time to file a tax return and pay a tax. Extensions will be granted in 30-day increments. Additional extensions can be requested up to a 90-day total.
Complete information concerning disaster-related sales tax exemptions can be found in Publication 94-182. Below you will find a list of disaster resources available in the Comptroller’s office as well as in other state offices.
If you cannot find answers to your disaster relief questions in these resources, please feel free to contact our agency for assistance via the tax help form or by telephone (800) 252-5555.