The City of Longview Partners in Prevention recently hosted their annual Fishing Rodeo at Teague Park Lake. The Fishing Rodeo is a simple contest to see who can catch the most fish within a given amount of time. Trophies were awarded to the first, second, and third place finishers. And the winners are:
1st place : Traver Duncan
2nd place : Caleb Duncan
3rd place : Skylar Sanchez
According to event organizer Keeta King, “The Fishing Rodeo is a fun and recreational outing for kids. With all our work at Partners in Prevention, our goal is to provide opportunities for people to come together as we build a safe, healthy, drug-free community.”
King who was pleased with the turn out of 65 contestants and their families credited mostly the beautiful weather and announcements through diverse media outlets.
In addition to the Fishing Rodeo, Partners in Prevention is planning several youth recreation opportunities throughout the summer. Classes and activities include Starting New at Golf, Karate, Hip Hop Dance, the Kings of Getting’ Em Outdoor Camp, Xtreme Fitness Get Fit Camp, and Heroes of Tomorrow. For more information, please call Partners in Prevention at 903-237-1019 or visit