The Foster Middle School Math/Science Team hosted and handily won the first meet of 2013-14 this past weekend, bettering its competitors by hundreds of points.

The Dragons brought home the 1st place trophy with 4,322 points, compared with 3,977 and 3,838 points by Pine Tree and Hallsville, respectively.

Foster Math/Science Meet Medalists

Number Sense

6th Grade – Gretchen Albers: 5th

8th Grade – (sweep) Naum Barron: 1st; William Langston: 2nd; Nancy Xu: 3rd; Carter Sorrrels: 4th; and Meera Singhal: 5th


8th Grade – Nancy Xu: 3rd

General Math

7th Grade – Surya Donty: 4th

8th Grade – Nancy Xu: 1st; and Naum Barron: 2nd


6th Grade – Gretchen Albers: 1st

7th Grade – Ben Taylor: 1st; and Samantha Taylor: 2nd

8th Grade – Levi Grant: 1st; Maddie Johnson: 3rd; and Nancy Xu: 5th

Also scored in the Top Ten:

Number Sense

6th Grade – Simran Kortikere: 10th

7th Grade – Nitin Rangu: 7th

8th Grade – Chris Kessler: 7th; and Mac Henderson: 10th


6th Grade – Emily Mendenhall: 8th

7th Grade – Allison Howe: 7th; Amanda Donimguez: 9th; and Alyssa Shobert: 10th

8th Grade – Olivia Lorenz: 7th

General Math

6th Grade – Micah Cobb: 6th; and Kristopher Destefano: 9th

7th Grade – Gregory Boudreau: 8th; and Nitin Rangu: 9th

8th Grade – Levi Grant: 8th Science

6th Grade – Matthew Hanson: 6th; and Kristopher Distefano: 7th

7th Grade – Gregory Boudreau: 6th; and Gaurav Singh: 7th