Longview HS Teachers: Dayan Durrant, Introduction to Engineering; Frank Herbert, American Sign Language; and Vickie Trammel, Culinary, Arts Instructor. Andrea Mayo, LISD Asst. Superintendent, Paula Poole and Mike Farren of Longview ISD Foundation Board. Brenda Daniels, Kimberly Jones, Nadia Chappa, Camgelya Byrdsong, Liza Salas, and Damesia Starling Ware Elementary School.

Longview ISD Foundation, Inc. recently announced the recipients of the Foundation’s 2013 Campus Initiative Grant. Working with campus educators, principals from the L.E.A.D. Academy and South Ward Elementary School applied for and received funding for initiatives unique to their individual campuses. The initiatives funded complement and align with each school’s Campus Improvement Plan and the District Improvement Plan.

The Foundation’s Grants Giveaway Group, members of the Foundation’s Grants and Scholarships Committee, announced that Cynthia L. Lee, counselor, and Kimberly Shumaker, principal of the L.E.A.D. High School Academy, with news that their grant titled Career Exploration had been funded for a total of $3,322.25. One of the district’s strongest answers to dropout prevention, LEAD currently has 207 students, all of whom meet at-risk criteria. At some point in the students’ educational process, they fell behind on credits due to a number of academic and personal circumstances. Many of L.E.A.D.’s students will be the first graduate from their immediate families.

Since Longview has a very strong industrial/manufacturing industry presence, many of the students want to become employed by these companies and industries.

They view these career opportunities as a vehicle out of poverty. Through this grant, fifty L.E.A.D. students will have a real world experience in the form of a field trip to Galveston, Texas, to visit the Ocean Star Off Shore Drilling Rig Museum and Education Center, a science exhibit at Moody Gardens and lunch at the Rainforest Café, which would be an experience not customary for these students. More importantly, this trip will be an experience that is not often afforded these students given their socioeconomic status.

Next, the Foundation awarded funding of $5,000.00 for South Ward Elementary School’s campus grant titled “The Complete Solution” Videoing to Academic Excellence” to Dr. Carl Briley, principal. This grant will provide a video encoder and digital camera to cost effectively streamline video on demand and multicast video feeds simultaneously to an unlimited number of classrooms to optimize the teaching-learning experience for teachers and students. Across all grade levels, the benefits of video in the classroom are immediate and tangible, providing rich, immersive learning environments, improved lesson retention, unlimited access to new materials and subjects, and overall better student engagement.

The Longview ISD Foundation, Inc. is proud to provide $8,322.25 in additional funding through this Campus Initiative Grant to maximize educational opportunity in Longview ISD. Since 2008, the Longview ISD Foundation, Inc. has funded 15 campus grants for a total of $40,559.97.