I have received numerous calls during the past few weeks from folks wanting to learn to garden and/or learning more about improving their gardens after the recent droughts. I have visited with some of our Master Gardener Club members and they have indicated they are willing to work with us on starting a “Gardening 101” class.

This class will also offer valuable information for other gardeners as well as container/hanging basket gardening for those who live in apartments.

The Master Gardeners are a club of individuals who have completed an intense course in all aspects of soil management, plant propagation, gardening and

landscape principals, and who have experience in the topics they teach.

The formation of this class will depend on sufficient interest to justify the investment of our club member’s time in teaching the course. If you are interested in learning to garden or improving your gardening skills through the Gardening 101 class, please contact the Gregg County Extension Office at 903-236-8429 to sign up. If there is enough interest, classes will start in the near future.

It is

our hope that this course to lead to happy gardening experiences and meet the desire of individuals wanting fresh vegetables in their diet.

By Hugh Soape