By Ray Coates

Are you stuck in a rut financially?  You know what a “rut” is, don’t you.  It’s a coffin with both ends kicked out.  Do you have more month than money at the end of each month?  Are you in debt up to your eyeballs, like the man in the Lending Tree commercial was a couple of years ago?  Normal in America is broke.  Are you “normal”?  So are 7 out of 10 of your neighbors in any given neighborhood.
Well, you can do something about it.  Keep reading to learn how.  On Monday, October 3rd the Living Gospel Church, located at 1301 S. Mobberly Ave in Longview, Texas will begin an eight week “Financial Freedom” course taught by Minister Caleb Ray Coates from Longview Christian Fellowship.  Classes will begin at 6:30 P.M. each week, and a nursery will be provided.
Everyone in the East Texas community is invited to participate, no exceptions.
The cost for the course is $30, which includes the cost of the materials.  It at all possible, couples should attend the course together.  Just in case you are wondering, this is NOT an opportunity for anyone to sell you anything, such as insurance or investments.  Nothing will be sold at any time.
The course teacher, Caleb Ray Coates, and his wife Carol, began this journey to financial freedom in 2003 when their pastor at the time, Russell Craft, asked them to facilitate a 13-week, “Financial Peace University” class at their church, Longview Christian Fellowship.  They had not planned to attend the course, but agreed to facilitate it.  It didn’t take them long to realize how bad their situation was, and that’s where they caught the vision to get out of debt, to stay out of debt, and to help others learn how to do the same.
Since then they have facilitated eight Financial Peace University courses, and have taught the “Financial Freedom” course.  A nursery will be provided.
During this eight week course you will learn how to get out of debt and stay out of debt.  You will also learn what the problems is, who the problem is, “Secrets To Financial Freedom”, how to be blessed financially, stumbling blocks to financial freedom, how to make your money behave, the importance of saving and how to do it, spending gimmicks to avoid, and how to avoid all money fights.
You will learn about things like an Emergency Fund, the Debt Snowball, the Zero-Based Budget, and the Envelop System.  More than anything this is a “how to” course.  You will not only learn what to do, but how to do it.
There will be some discussion times, and some homework.  To receive a Certificate of Completion for the course, you cannot miss more than one session, and you must complete all homework assignments.
This is your opportunity to change your family tree for future generations.
For more information contact Charles Hall at 903-452-4069 or Caleb Ray Coates at 903-235-8004.