A report from a joint study by the Texas State Department of Health, Texas Cancer Registry and the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas by this month’s end 1120 Smith County residents will have been diagnosed with cancer.  Of these, 431 will die.
This is a tragically high figure and so, during its 25th anniversary, Tyler’s Texas Oncology is offering a special gift for the holiday season.  Screenings raise awareness of the threat of cancer, and there is no way to overemphasize the value of early detection.
The facility is giving during the season of giving by offering discounted and free screenings. Texas Oncology, Tyler is collaborating with Trinity/Mother Frances and the Ross Breast Center in Tyler in giving patients insurance for the gift of life through discounted mammography and prostate screenings to their friends and assorted loved ones. Dr. Mark Saunders, M.D. proclaims Texas Oncology, Tyler’s commitment to combating the scourge of cancer in East Texas.
“We are focused on continuing to deliver leading-edge, community-based cancer care with advanced technology, caring and experienced physicians and promising clinical trials,” he said.
Early detection is a traditionally vital means of survival.  Texas Oncology, Tyler offers these life-saving tips:

•  Keep an eye on your flesh, and at least once per month check for changes in freckles, moles and other flesh markings.

• Women should carry out monthly breast exams and check for suspicious lumps.  Females should also submit to mammograms at least once every one to three years depending on their doctor’s recommendation.

• Men should make monthly checks on both testicles in case of telltale hard lumps, changes in size or swelling.

• Everyone should make note of family history and cancer risks because certain strains of cancer are associated with specific genetic profiles.

For more information please visit www.TexasOncology.com.