This Thanksgiving, Texas Oncology–Longview and Texas Oncology–Tyler are commemorating Texas Oncology’s 25th anniversary by thanking their patients for trusting them with the most precious gift of all – their health. In doing so, Texas Oncology is rolling out a series of activities during the holiday season to give back to its patients and those that have helped them through their difficult journey, and to raise awareness about the importance of cancer screening and early detection in the fight against cancer.
“Thanksgiving is a time to count and celebrate blessings. It has been a privilege to care for our patients and others in the fight against cancer,” said Bill Taylor, M.D., Texas Oncology–Longview.
“We want to say thank you to them and give back in a way that helps educate and inform others in the East Texas community about the importance of cancer screenings.”

Texas Oncology’s activities include:

Discounted and Free Cancer Screenings

Texas Oncology is encouraging their patients to thank those who supported them throughout treatment by giving them each a card good for a discounted screening mammogram or a free prostate screening in an effort to promote early detection, when treatment is most effective. In partnership with Good Shepherd Medical Center in Longview and Trinity Mother Frances – The Ross Breast Center in Tyler, Texas Oncology is able to offer their patients the opportunity to gift a discounted screening mammogram to a family member or friend of their choosing or a free prostate screening to be done at the local Texas Oncology location and respective hospital.

Providing Holiday Meals

Texas Oncology will provide Thanksgiving meals to the families of some of its patients who are hospitalized around the Thanksgiving holiday to help them celebrate together.
Educating the Community on Cancer Risks, Symptoms, and Screenings

Texas Oncology wants to inform the East Texas community about cancer risks and the signs to look for, as well as remind them of the importance of scheduling regular cancer screenings as part of a healthy lifestyle. Prevention and early detection start with screenings, which save lives.

During the holidays, Texas Oncology hopes to raise awareness by providing information and tips about cancer-related risks, symptoms, and regular screenings. To help community members start practicing proactive measures to improve their health, Texas Oncology offers an easy-to-follow checklist that every adult at any age can do:

• Keep an eye on your skin and check for changes in freckles, moles, and other skin markings once a month.

• Women should check their breasts for lumps every month and have a clinical breast exam every one to three years depending on age.

• Men should check both testicles for hard lumps or changes in size or shape every month.

• Individuals should be aware of their cancer risk, which may be higher for those with a personal or family history of cancer, or people who have certain genetic profiles that have been associated with specific cancer types. Screening may need to begin at an earlier age for those with these risk factors.

• Learn more about prevention and early detection at

“As we recognize our silver anniversary, we pledge our continued commitment to the East Texas community we call home,” said Mark Saunders, M.D., Texas Oncology–Tyler. “We’re focused on continuing to deliver leading-edge, community-based cancer care with advanced technology, caring and experienced physicians, and promising clinical trials. Texas Oncology has been helping Texans fight cancer for 25 years!”

Dr. Bill Taylor, radiation oncologist at Texas Oncology– Longview Cancer Center and Debbie Henderson, business owner and volunteer at the Clinic