Story by Joycelyne Fadojutimi

The American Heart Association’s annual “Go Red for Women” campaign kicked off with a rally at Good Shepherd Institute for Healthy Living in North Longview. The rally introduced a community-wide campaign,upcoming Go Red events, volunteer and sponsorship opportunities; and raised awareness of heart disease as the number one killer of women in our country.

Corner Bakery catering manager Amber Duke, was present because her organization served the kick off lunch. She explained the reason for her company’s presence thus: “We like to associate ourselves with the community. This is a great opportunity to partner with a great association and, be part of an event such as this one.”

Carolyn Northcutt is excited about Go RED FOR WOMEN. She has chaired the event and continue to be active with Go Red for Women events. Consequently, when Dr. Stephanie Grogan Payne asked her for help, she immediately agreed to volunteer her time, talents and treasures.

Good Shepherd Medical Center’s registered dietitians Kristel Fredericks and Haley Kormos at the Institute of Healthy Living were on hand to discuss Go Red for Women and the importance of alimentary awareness. “We have been able to help people who were willing to make changes,” they said. “When the patients saw their cholesterol numbers improve, they were happy and encouraged to do more.”

The Dietitians insists that small and even minute changes do make a big difference. For example, losing five to ten pounds encourages their patients to exercise more. Better yet, their recommendations does not include deprivation. Fredericks and Kormos educate their patients and help them understand why diets fail. The simple fact is this: “The body needs the right nutrients for the long haul therefore, diets are not sustainable.”