The National Association of Nonprofit Organizations is pleased to announce the appointment of Larry Goddard to the organization’s prestigious 2018 Board of Governors. Goddard has been called upon to refine, improve, and strengthen New Guidelines for Tomorrow’s Nonprofit (Second Edition) a new set of governing guidelines that supercharge nonprofit capacity-building.

National Director, Tracy Ebarb, shared, “Larry has joined a working group that will peer-review a new set of capacity-building guidelines rooted in principles of moral agency, stewardship, freedom of speech, freedom of peaceful assembly, ethical practice, and transparency that supercharge charity. Larry is one of society’s guardians who use their expertise to ensure everyone experiences a life worth living.”

Last month, Goddard was considered for the board of directors of CFRE (Certified Fund Raising Executives), the international certification entity of fundraisers of all types of charities.

Goddard, whose career has focused on higher education and as a pioneer in the PreK-12th grade school district education foundations, has been involved in a myriad of nonprofit areas since his retirement from the Tyler ISD Foundation in 2013.

“Other countries want what we have—benevolent giving to charitable causes.” Goddard explains. “Citizens of the world give taxes to their government and tithe to their churches. Their expectation, thereafter, is that all the societal needs will be met by the government and the church. That attitude omits many charities and the needs they solve.”

He attended Tyler Junior College and University of Texas at Tyler. Goddard previously was employed with Southwestern Bell of Tyler. He has been a volunteer for many nonprofits in East Texas.

Goddard will be honored alongside fellow Governors March 26-27, 2019 in Charleston, SC. The organization is the nation’s only unifying legislative body comprised of Governors nominated from all 50 United States who oversee the codification of guidelines that govern sound charitable practice.