Longview’s EMS staff and local Fire department staff.

National Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Week brought out a sense of gratitude at Longview Regional Medical Center (LRMC.) The management hosted its yearly hamburger cookout to express its appreciation for all the hard work and life-saving dedication provided by EMS over the past 12 months. The event was the city’s high point for Wednesday, May 22 from 10 a.m. till 2 p.m. The Longview Fire Department Training Facility at 411 American Legion Boulevard was the venue.

LRMC Trauma Coordinator Michelle Wylie worded the day’s meaning well.

Stephanie Foster, Josh Peticrew,Natalle Wasker,Elizabeth Baumgardner,Olivia Tibiletti, Libby Bryson

Stephanie Foster, Josh Petticrew, Natalie Waskel, Elizabeth Baumgardner, Olivia Tibiletti, and Libby Bryson

“Longview Regional Medical Center has been hosting this event for more than ten years,” she said. “This is all done to show appreciation to our EMS providers to recognize their service and daily commitment to our community.”

In this area EMS typically toils to insure all citizens of this community have access to the best possible emergency medical care.

“In 2012, LRMC ER staff delivered ‘to go’ hamburgers to EMS providers who were onsite putting out a local fire in the community,” said LRMC ER Director Michael Dabreau.

Longview Fire Ddepartment, Champion, East Texas Medical Center, Camp County and all other EMS providers were invited to the cookout, which included non-edible appreciation gifts.


By Kelly Bell