Longtime Smith County Extension Agent Chad Gulley has retired after more than 17 years of service.
Gulley has served as the County Extension Agent – Agriculture and Natural Resources – for Smith County since 2011. He has also served the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Services in Polk and Nacogdoches, for a total of more than 17 years.
“Chad has been such an asset to the citizens of this county, not only with his knowledge of the issues citizens deal with in AgriLife, but the professionalism with which he handles them,” Smith County Commissioner Cary Nix said. “I wish him the best in his new endeavor, and I know he will be difficult to replace.”

Gulley has been responsible for programming and clientele inquiries in beef and forage, horticulture, wildlife, aquatics, volunteerism, environmental stewardship and 4-H Youth Development.
“My fondest memories from being a County Extension Agent are all the friends, colleagues and clients I have worked with,” Gulley said. “Each day had new opportunities to help clientele with their questions about their agriculture ventures, both adult and youth. Helping people with their questions is rewarding. I’ve made many great memories over the years that I’ll carry with me forever.”
Gulley was honored this summer with state and national Distinguished Service Awards.
He received the 2017 Distinguished Service Award at the National Association of County Agricultural Agents (NACAA) meeting in Salt Lake City, Utah, July 9-13.
He was also honored with the Texas County Agricultural Agents Association (TCAAA) Distinguished Service Award at its annual meeting in Odessa, July 16-19.
Gulley’s dedication to agriculture was evident through his leadership on various local, district and state committees. He provided leadership to numerous agricultural groups in East Texas, and he served as a mentor to several Early Career Extension Agents in neighboring counties.
“I will miss the people I work with in my office and in the county,” Gulley said. “Extension is almost like a calling. It provides so much to the citizens of Texas. I’ll miss the one-on-one calls, as well as the very interesting calls, too. We get a few unique calls that make us have to dig to find the answer! I’ve made good friends in Extension that I will miss too!”
Gulley said since he helped his grandfather and dad while growing up on the farm, agriculture has always been his passion.
“I enjoyed working with the agricultural community in Smith County,” he said. “Agriculture is and always will be a passion of mine because it is an important industry. It is everything we eat, wear or use for shelter each day! It touches all of our lives, and I was proud to help people through research-based education about their agricultural interests.”
Gulley retired on Friday, October 13, 2017, to begin a new career working for Shelby Savings Bank.