Longview Child Development Center, Region 7 Early Head Start recently hosted a parent meeting/training which offered information about how to become more involved in your child’s play time. Region 7 Spet, Karen Wernli, was the speaker at this training entitled, “Let’s Play”. Parents were given information on items that are age appropriate for their children as staff demonstrated ways to read to children of different age levels to keep them engaged in the stories.
58 parents were in attendance and each family was presented with “goody bags” which included books such as The Hungry Caterpillar and Good Night Moon.  Early Head Start children received educational toys in their bags including stackable objects, puzzles, and sorting materials.
The parents were taught the cause and effect of playing/learning with each item and how important this is for the emotional and physical development their children.
Region 7 Parent Advocate, Ginger Orange, followed up with the parents to get their thoughts on the training. Head Start parent, Caitlyn Pool, stated, “The training had a lot of good information and taught me how to play with the toys. My son loves the bears and the cups. I hide the bears in the cups and he tries to find it. I just love it!” Traci Williams Black said “The training was really educational!  My child loves and plays with all the toys.” Valinziya Woods added, “My favorite is the cups and the small toys. The picture books help me communicate with my child at home.  She is already recognizing different colors!”
Early Head Start serves pregnant moms and children from birth to age three in both Marshall and Longview.  For information on how to volunteer at Longview Early Head Start, please contact Ginger Orange, Valerie Rushing, Ruby McCray or David Gonzalez at 903-758-3861.