“I speak two languages–English and Southern, and I only speak one of them fluently,” said keynote speaker Dale Smith Thomas at Longview Regional Medical Center’s recent Healthy Woman anniversary event.  The event is used to educate East Texas women on how to maintain healthy lifestyles for themselves and their loved ones.  This was one of the installments in a series aiming to inspire and teach local women how to achieve wholesome bodies, minds and spirits.  Local businesses and organizations set up booths at the affair, which was followed by a dinner and a keynote lecture by Thomas. She is a motivational speaker specializing in energizing others to achievement through positive thinking.
Her speech about diet, exercise and health screenings was expected, but she went further in her efforts to upgrade her listeners’ well-being.  She urged the audience members to wake up each morning and announce, “Good Morning, Gorgeous!,” to the lady in the mirror.  She stresses how such a positive outlook is the first step towards achieving a healthy lifestyle.
This advice may seem too obvious, but women every day face stressful, overwhelming situations. Thomas challenged her listeners to reject such negative emotions as anger and stress.
“You are not angry, you are disenchanted.  You are not stressed, you are in demand,” are the alternatives she recommends.
She pointed out how these changes in perspective will enable women to live optimistically, which will bring the mental, inner peace to enable them to lead healthy lifestyles and be a greater blessing to loved ones.  She pointed out that improved health comes from more than just exercise, wise eating habits and medical screenings–it requires maintaining a healthy vision of life.  Her audience and the vendors came for several reasons, though.
Scentsy owner Sharon Michaud said, “It is a great event with lots of people.  It is a great opportunity to make contacts with people.”
Carol Pearson with Gary Lawrence Allstate and a few other local businesses made a contribution of 400 roses to be handed out to the audience.
“I am being shown love with these roses,” said Pam Hunt.
The Loud Family described the event as “Very nice, a good learning experience.”
Event veterans Susan Cantrell and Bonnie Bell said, “We have been enjoying the Healthy Woman seminars.”
Susan Lewis said, “This is my third time. I come to show women how to better themselves from inside out.”
“It is wonderful.  That is why I come back,” said Pat Lighthall.
Silvia Turk of Cook’s Nook said, “We are a small business, and we appreciate our community that supports us.  They have never disappointed us, so we came to support the Healthy Woman anniversary.”
“I love it. It is a wonderful thing that Longview Regional Medical Center Healthy Woman is doing for the people of East Texas,” said Donna Cash of Longview Occupational Medical Center.