The Health and Human Services Commission is notifying people about the accidental loss of protected personal information. The breach may affect 1,842 people in the Houston area.

A box of forms containing client information was found beside an unsecured dumpster in Houston at the E. 40th St. complex, an eligibility office.

The lost forms contained confidential information including names, client numbers, dates of birth, case numbers and phone numbers. Other potential information includes mailing addresses, Social Security numbers, health information and bank account numbers.

We are providing one year of free credit monitoring services to individuals who have been affected by this privacy breach. If you believe you may have been affected, you may call 1-855-904-5740 toll-free and speak to an investigator or visit

HHSC is committed to ensuring that our clients’ confidential information is secure. The agency is investigating this event and taking steps to secure confidential information and reduce the chances of this event happening again. HHSC is reviewing its processes and procedures for disposing of and destroying documents that contain private information, and making any changes needed to prevent this type of event in the future.