Name of Officer: Robert L. “Robby” Brian Jr.

Education:Marshall High School Graduate 1992

Home town: Marshall, TX

Prior job experience if any: Marion County Sheriff’s Office, Gilmer PD, Marshall PD

How do you feel when you put on your uniform each day? I feel the same as I did before I put it on, I’m still the same person. My job just happens to be that I’m a Police Officer.  I’m proud of the career I chose.

People don’t often understand how hard police officers work to keep citizens safe, what inspired, you to become a protector of the community and can you tell us if any daily risks you’ve seen or experienced. I had family members before me who were Police Officers who had some influence on me as a child.

 What is a misconception you have seen that the public have about the Police?  That they (Police) are all the same, but in fact we are all different. The main misconception about Police Officers is that people believe we are “above the law” and everyone else because we enforce the law.  Even though we enforce them, we have to still obey them, just like everyone else.

As a Police officer, what do you want your legacy to be.  I want to believe that I did everything I could to help those in need at the worst moments in their lives and that it made a difference.

What was one of your toughest days on the job. Seeing the death of a small child and knowing that there was not anything I could do to save him.

How does your family feel about you being a police officer? My family has always supported me in my career even though they knew of the dangers that were involved.

Police officers work long hours and the work is very stressful, how do you like to relax?  Hunting and fishing.

If you could go back in time and tell your younger self one thing what would it be?I would tell myself to go to college so that I could become a Game Warden because of my love for the outdoors.

In a time when pop culture encourages not co-operating with police officers, can you expand on the dangers this causes? Sometimes the community doesn’t want to get involved because they are afraid of retaliation.  Sometimes that lack of cooperation has placed Officers in life and/or death situations.  Those are situations that could have been avoided if that one small piece of information had been told.

As a champion of the community and symbol of justice how can we as a community better support the police? Get to know the Police Officers that work in your community and bridge that gap so that everyone can work together to make it a better and safer place to live and work.

Do Police officers like donuts? I can only speak for myself. I have eaten donuts because they are quick and easy to stop and get on the way to work, but I prefer a better breakfast.

Do you think the Cowboys have a shot at the Super Bowl this year and why? I would hope they have a chance to play in the Super Bowl.