Name of Officer:  Kristie Brian


Education:  Graduated HS from New Diana ISD 1990 bachelor’s degree from UT Tyler 1996, graduate of East Texas Police Academy 2003 (night academy).


Home town: Diana, TX


Prior job experience if any:  I have been a grocery clerk at Brookshires, worked at the cookie place in the mall, I teach classes for Teen Court, and worked as a probation officer in Upshur County prior to coming to work here.


How do you feel when you put on your uniform each day?  I feel proud to serve.  My goal is to bring positive interaction to our community with the police every opportunity I can.  I think bringing the positive interaction will slowly take away at least some of the stigma we have as being “unapproachable and uncaring”.  Yes, we do have a hard job at times but when we aren’t in the middle of a case or arresting someone we have lots of opportunities to show that positive part.


People don’t often understand how hard police officers work to keep citizens safe. What inspired, you to become a protector of the community and can you tell us of any daily risks you’ve seen or experienced?  I have always wanted to help people who were on hard times.  As a probation officer, I learned a lot about the system and although I helped people there I felt like my calling was to interact and help people from the beginning.  Also, as an officer you have the opportunity to help curb crime and you can see the results of your efforts, not just with the people that have gotten into trouble but across the board.


What is a misconception you have seen that the public have about the police officers?  That we are not approachable and are there to just make life hard on the people we come in contact. I worked an event not too long ago.  There was a little girl (almost 3) and when she saw me, she looked at me and said, “Oh no, you’re going to shoot and kill me).  Her mom looked so embarrassed and asked her why she would say something like that.  I told her I wouldn’t do that.  Her mom apologized but that’s all I could think about the rest of the night.  It made be very sad.


As a police officer, what do you want your legacy to be?

I helped people, I was kind and I was there for those that needed me.


What was one of your toughest days on the job.  Delivering the news to a lady that her husband had been killed in a car accident.  I will never forget that.  She held my hand and said I need you to be with me right now.  I held her hand while she went around her house doing “little things” until her friends and family got there.


How does your family feel about you being a police officer?  They have always been a little apprehensive but, they know that this is my calling.  My children have grown up knowing this is what I do, and I know they worry A LOT.  My mom always says it’s my dad’s fault because when I asked him what he thought about me going to the academy many years ago he said, “If that’s what you want to do, then go for it.”  And, that’s what I did.  My husband understands what I go through daily because he is a police officer too.


Police officers work long hours and the work is very stressful, how do you like to relax?  I don’t know that you ever “relax”.  I know for me this job is always here because doing social media is a constant, even when I’m not at work I am still checking the social media page.  I do love spending time with family though.


If you could go back in time and tell your younger self one thing, what would it be?   Never try desserts…ever.  They have always been my weakness….


In a time when pop culture encourages not co-operating with police officers, can you expand on the dangers this causes?  Like my earlier response, it makes kids really have to “think” about how they interact.  I don’t ever want them to “fear” the police, just have respect.  Respect is something that is extremely important throughout a person’s lifetime.


As a protector of the community and symbol of justice how can we as a community better support the Police?  Be there to support the police and continue to work on ways to come together and partner to make our community better.


Do police officers really like donuts?  Lol, I LOVE donuts!


Do you think the Cowboys have a shot at the Super Bowl this year and why?  I hope they do, I am not an avid football fan but, I always want our Texas team to “represent”…